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Roberto d’Amico surfer from Italy

Video made in Italy 2 years ago,
Obviously Italy got perfect mediterraneans waves,
and a great young surfer Roberto D’amico.

YO YOU YOUTH (full video) from yoyouyouth on Vimeo.

This video is on the same vimeo channel, posted this year.
Roberto D’amico again, ripping everything in Bali.

YoYouYouth INDO EXCERPT [full clip] from yoyouyouth on Vimeo.

Roberto showing great performances in South West of France,
we can say he’s one of the best mediterranean surfer…

This one has been posted 3 years ago,

As surfers from Corsica we all know how difficult it is to improve your surfing in Mediterranean sea, because we don’t get swell everydays, so it’s kind of frustrating.
And getting good photos or nice footage in mediterranean sea is hard as well, because when it’s getting good it’s always raining or just nobody can be behind the camera,
so that’s why it gives us motivation and make us dreaming to watch footage like these from brothers from Italy.
Can’t wait to watching next footage !

This one too is showing a beautiful part of Italy with Roberto at home,
he knows what he is talking about…

Mediterranean Dreamer (Roberto D’amico) from Roberto Mazzoni on Vimeo.